Woman Falls To Death After Romantic Proposal

Well this sucks.

A man proposed to his girlfriend cliff-side in Ibiza, girlfriend jumps for joy… and then falls off said cliff 65 feet to her death. The woman was alive, but unconscious, when rescuers got to her but suffered a heart attack from her injuries and passed away within minutes.

Apparently the pair were at a spot on Ibiza that is famous for it’s views of the sunset.

My condolences to the families.

Read the full story at the Daily Mail.

Note to self: Don’t jump for joy near cliffs or any other sudden drop-offs.

Are we even surprised at this point? Comcast.

I mean seriously? With all the horror stories that we’ve heard regarding Comcast are we at all surprised that they did this?

Comcast Bill

From Elliot.org – Note the name, Asshole Brown.

Visit Elliot.org for the full story but in a nutshell Lisa Brown tried to cancel her cable service due to financial hardships, the call of course gets escalated to a retention specialist because they want to make sure it’s damn near impossible to cancel your service with them. Apparently a customer service rep along the way changed the name on the account from her husband, Ricardo Brown, to Asshole Brown.

It’s absolutely sad that this is not surprising. Comcast and customer service are like matter and anti-matter. They just don’t go together and when they do come together, it never really ends well for anyone.

Maybe it was this reps last day on the job? I just can’t see that this was an accident. Replacing an account holders first name with Asshole and then saving it? Nope, not an accident. Someone wanted to be a douche.

I’ve worked in customer service for many years and yes, at times we do think clients are assholes (because sometimes they really are) but those clients are also paying our paychecks. No matter what a client does, take the high road. It’s not worth losing your job over an asshole client!

Now this woman says she was not rude, she just didn’t want to sign a new 2 year contract like the retention specialist wanted and considering how hard it is to cancel with Comcast, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did get a little firm with the rep but that still wouldn’t make her rude. If she was not rude and one of the reps still did this just because she didn’t extend her contract, even worse.

What do you think?

It’s missed details like this that upset me.


I mean really?

Don't measure or anything.

Don’t measure or anything.

The first picture clearly has a tile that is not aligned like the others. I’m sorry, it bothers it me. It truly does.

The second picture is a result of no forward thinking, no measuring, just cutting. We’ve had that cover plate for months and you would think that the person installing the tile would think to themselves “hmm, what are they using to cover the plumbing that will come coming out here? Let me go get that and make sure that it covers this hole I’m going to make”…. but no, that didn’t happen here.

This is just a couple of the problems we’ve run into with this guy doing our tile but it’s silly no-duh details like these that are absolutely irritating.