Yeah, it was a little cold outside.

January 8, 2015 Temperature

  A balmy 35°F and felt like 25°F. Still better than -‘s! This weekend we’ll be back in the 70’s. Florida really needs to make up it’s mind on what season it wants to have.

Happy Halloween!



A Perfect Weekend

This weekend was perfect. My sister and her husband came over… we ate good food, we bowled, we sat around a fire pit. It was fab.

Third Times A Charm, Right? Focus T25

Get it Done!

As some of you may already know, several months ago I decided to buy and try the Focus T25 workout from BeachBody (the same people who brought us P90x and Insanity). I thought that this program would be perfect for me since it’s only 25 minutes per day for five weeks and requires absolutely no equipment […]

An Early Week in Review.

Perfect Morning

I know it’s a bit early to do a week in review since the week isn’t over yet but I feel like I’ve got enough things you don’t care about to share. Where do I start? Oh yes, where I left off. I chopped off my hair. I injured myself at work. Hopefully I don’t […]

Goodbye, Long Hair.


As much as I just love my long hair, it’s time for it to go. Currently it’s close to my the lower back. However, it’s just so much right now. Blow drying takes forever, my ends are so damaged. :( If I don’t use conditioner, it is impossible to get a brush through my hair. IMPOSSIBLE! […]

Love Bugs, I Really Hate You.

Exhibit B

I really hate love bugs, guys. I know everything on this planet has a purpose but I really don’t see what purpose the love bug has besides going splat on my car and currently, swarming around my house. Apparently love bugs just lovveeee freshly painted houses and I just had my house painted right at […]

It’s missed details like this that upset me.


The first picture clearly has a tile that is not aligned like the others. I’m sorry, it bothers it me. It truly does. The second picture is a result of no forward thinking, no measuring, just cutting. We’ve had that cover plate for months and you would think that the person installing the tile would […]

Today is going to be a good day.


I got two pieces of cheese on my sausage, egg, cheese croissant from 7-11. Hashtag win!

Holy cold weather!


  Seriously, it’s cold. It’s even worse when you really don’t have any “winter” clothes or jackets. I know I’ve been saying that I would welcome cold weather and an actual “Winter” but 29°F for Florida is too cold. I would say that our Winter lows (in my area at least) are generally between 45°F-50°F, […]