About Me

Well hello there! I’m glad you decided to visit my little corner of the interwebs. If you’re really that interested in reading about me, please proceed at your own risk!

Obviously, I am Keleigh. I grew up in Tampa, Florida, USA and currently reside in Orlando, Florida, USA. Totally exciting, I know. I am have been married for 2.5 years and seriously, what a ride it’s been. Good ride though! I know a little bit about everything, unfortunately I am no expert in anything.

I have tried blogging in the past but it’s never really worked out, as you can tell. Maybe 2013 is my year to actually blog and stick to blogging! I do like to share things so why not share it with the world?

A few fun facts:

  1. I am twin.
  2. My birthday is August 24.
  3. I love Starbucks Frappuccino’s – Cafe Vanilla to be exact.