No More Freezing!

See, a few weeks ago I went up north and froze by butt off. I did not have a proper jacket. Why did I not have a proper jacket? Because I live in Florida and it’s not worth the money to buy such a heavy duty jacket that you will probably never have to wear while you’re actually in Florida.

Hello Snow!

Hello Snow!

I’ve also never had the opportunity to actually go out and see snow in my 30 years on this planet. I really wasn’t prepared for teen degree weather or high humidity. I’ve been high in the Andes in Peru (12,500 ft) and that’s seriously cold but the air was dry so it wasn’t OMG I’M GOING TO FREEZE TO DEATH cold. Teen weather with 70% humidity… man, it felt so much colder than it actually was. I guess the same goes with heat in Florida. 90°f in Florida with high humidity is not the same as 90f in California where it’s typically dry.

Anyhow, look. I have a proper jacket now! Bring on the cold weather. I’m ready!

My layered sweaters in 14F weather, did't do much! And my new Columbia jacket!

My layered sweaters in 14°F weather, did’t do much! And my new Columbia jacket!

The best part? The jacket came from Burlington, originally $200 but got it for $99. Hashtag WIN!

Woman Falls To Death After Romantic Proposal

Well this sucks.

A man proposed to his girlfriend cliff-side in Ibiza, girlfriend jumps for joy… and then falls off said cliff 65 feet to her death. The woman was alive, but unconscious, when rescuers got to her but suffered a heart attack from her injuries and passed away within minutes.

Apparently the pair were at a spot on Ibiza that is famous for it’s views of the sunset.

My condolences to the families.

Read the full story at the Daily Mail.

Note to self: Don’t jump for joy near cliffs or any other sudden drop-offs.

Are we even surprised at this point? Comcast.

I mean seriously? With all the horror stories that we’ve heard regarding Comcast are we at all surprised that they did this?

Comcast Bill

From – Note the name, Asshole Brown.

Visit for the full story but in a nutshell Lisa Brown tried to cancel her cable service due to financial hardships, the call of course gets escalated to a retention specialist because they want to make sure it’s damn near impossible to cancel your service with them. Apparently a customer service rep along the way changed the name on the account from her husband, Ricardo Brown, to Asshole Brown.

It’s absolutely sad that this is not surprising. Comcast and customer service are like matter and anti-matter. They just don’t go together and when they do come together, it never really ends well for anyone.

Maybe it was this reps last day on the job? I just can’t see that this was an accident. Replacing an account holders first name with Asshole and then saving it? Nope, not an accident. Someone wanted to be a douche.

I’ve worked in customer service for many years and yes, at times we do think clients are assholes (because sometimes they really are) but those clients are also paying our paychecks. No matter what a client does, take the high road. It’s not worth losing your job over an asshole client!

Now this woman says she was not rude, she just didn’t want to sign a new 2 year contract like the retention specialist wanted and considering how hard it is to cancel with Comcast, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did get a little firm with the rep but that still wouldn’t make her rude. If she was not rude and one of the reps still did this just because she didn’t extend her contract, even worse.

What do you think?

Yeah, it was a little cold outside.

January 8, 2015 Temperature

Our actual temp & feels like temp.


A balmy 35°F and felt like 25°F. Still better than -‘s! This weekend we’ll be back in the 70’s. Florida really needs to make up it’s mind on what season it wants to have.

Happy Halloween!



A Perfect Weekend

This weekend was perfect. My sister and her husband came over… we ate good food, we bowled, we sat around a fire pit. It was fab.

Third Times A Charm, Right? Focus T25

Get it Done!

Get it Done!

As some of you may already know, several months ago I decided to buy and try the Focus T25 workout from BeachBody (the same people who brought us P90x and Insanity). I thought that this program would be perfect for me since it’s only 25 minutes per day for five weeks and requires absolutely no equipment (alpha program, there is a beta program that we’ll get to that), no weights, no mats, nada. I mean, 25 minutes PER DAY! It takes me that long to get to the nearest gym, I should be able to do this right?

Well, yeah. I suck. Twice I’ve started this thing and twice I’ve stopped in the first few days. Is it the programs fault? Absolutely not. It’s more than likely the week in which I started. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have started a workout program as intense as this on day 1 of Aunt Flo. TMI? Probably, but it’s true. If you’re like me, Flo takes a lot out of you and the 25 minutes of this program is pretty intense and I just couldn’t do it without feeling light headed and dizzy. I didn’t plan to start on these specific weeks, it just worked out that way… beginning of the month and all. But moving on…

As of yesterday I’ve restarted and feel pretty energized.  Let’s hope this third time is a charm!

As for the program itself, it really is pretty great. Within 5-10 minutes I’m sweating buckets and while I do have to do the “modifier” workout every now and then because I can’t keep up with the hardcore workout, I don’t want to stop completely. Hopefully towards the end of the cycle I’ll be able to keep up. With the program you also get a little recipe book of things you can make to assist with your weight-loss/workout regime and I’ve made several of the recipes and have been satisfied. I don’t think I can completely stick to it because, hey, baby steps. I’m not overweight so I don’t need to lose weight, but I could definitely tone up some and I do need to bring my cholesterol down so exercise and a diet modification is in order.

With all the changes that happen when you get older, the days of my high metabolism and eating whatever I want, when I want are over. Food is starting to stick around on my hips and thighs and I really don’t want my cholesterol to become such a problem that I either have problems from it, need medication for it, OR have to permanently not eat certain foods. Considering I LOVE food that would be very bad.

So yeah, run down. 25 minutes per day, five days a week, five weeks.

There is a beta program that follow this alpha program and it just amps up the workout and also includes the use of weights or resistance bands. Still not bad!

If I don’t finish five weeks from now, please feel free to give me a hard time.

An Early Week in Review.

I know it’s a bit early to do a week in review since the week isn’t over yet but I feel like I’ve got enough things you don’t care about to share.

Where do I start? Oh yes, where I left off. I chopped off my hair.

It used to be to my lower back. :-x

It used to be to my lower back. :-x

I injured myself at work. Hopefully I don’t lose a finger from something so stupid, small, and trivial. I was filling the Pepsi machine with bottles and my index finger knuckle swiped across a hole in the metal walls inside the machine. I guess the hole wasn’t properly smoothed because I ended up with a teeeeny tiny sliver of metal piecing through the top of my knuckle skin, sliding through and almost out the bottom.

You can see the little poke where it's trying to come out but didn't quite make it. SO TINY!

You can see the little poke where it’s trying to come out but didn’t quite make it. SO TINY!

This was really tiny and we used pliers to pull it out. Wasn’t exactly comfortable but it wasn’t super painful. What hurt the worst was pouring hydrogen peroxide over the entrance point last night. Seriously, ouchie! But yeah, like I said. It would be horrible if something so tiny caused an infection or something crazy like that.

And finally, FINALLY, we have hints of Fall in the air. It doesn’t last long but waking up this morning and walking outside to cooler weather was a welcomed feeling.

Perfect Morning

Perfect Morning

Yes, there was some fog but I was all about not melting the second I walked outside to take out the trash. Unfortunately this won’t last long since we still have highs close to the 90’s and the “feel’s like” temps will be around 90.


Has Fall weather already arrived for you? Let me know!

Goodbye, Long Hair.

As much as I just love my long hair, it’s time for it to go. Currently it’s close to my the lower back. However, it’s just so much right now. Blow drying takes forever, my ends are so damaged. :( If I don’t use conditioner, it is impossible to get a brush through my hair. IMPOSSIBLE!

This afternoon is my appointment and I don’t plan on going shorter than shoulder-length. My husband doesn’t want me to cut my hair because he loves it but too bad, he doesn’t have to deal with it every morning. :-x

Love Bugs, I Really Hate You.

I really hate love bugs, guys. I know everything on this planet has a purpose but I really don’t see what purpose the love bug has besides going splat on my car and currently, swarming around my house. Apparently love bugs just lovveeee freshly painted houses and I just had my house painted right at the beginning of their time to fly and mate. All the love bugs in my neighborhood are on my house now. My neighbors have like, 5… I have a million.

Please see exhibit A and B.

Exhibit B

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I mean, SERIOUSLY GUYS! Everyone wall and window of my house looks like that. In fact, they are even getting in to the house because a few windows need to have their weather stripping replaced and they’re going under it. :(

I had this GREAT idea to just hose them down, no way they could survive a nice blast of water from a high pressure sprayer right?

I give you, Exhibit C.

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

This was roughly ten minutes after I sprayed down the love bugs from the first two pictures. I’m not sure if these are the same bugs that got sprayed or if they’re new ones that are settling in. Either way, it’s disturbing and annoying. I’m not sure which is worse…whether they’re not dying from the water (but they’ll totally go splat on my car and ruin the paint) and just coming back OR that there are just THAT many to take the place of the recently exterminated love bugs.

What is really irking me though… they’re still building houses in my neighborhood and a few have been painted this week and yet I don’t see the same love bug activity around those houses as with my house. I mean, I’m still picking off dead love bugs who landed on the wet paint while they were painting. Maybe the type of paint matters? A Satin finish was used on my house and the other houses are getting the Flat finish.

Come on end-of-love-bug season!