It’s missed details like this that upset me.


The first picture clearly has a tile that is not aligned like the others. I’m sorry, it bothers it me. It truly does. The second picture is a result of no forward thinking, no measuring, just cutting. We’ve had that cover plate for months and you would think that the person installing the tile would […]

Today is going to be a good day.


I got two pieces of cheese on my sausage, egg, cheese croissant from 7-11. Hashtag win!

Holy cold weather!


  Seriously, it’s cold. It’s even worse when you really don’t have any “winter” clothes or jackets. I know I’ve been saying that I would welcome cold weather and an actual “Winter” but 29°F for Florida is too cold. I would say that our Winter lows (in my area at least) are generally between 45°F-50°F, […]

It’s a new year.

Master Bath entrance/exit. Tiled walls :) Incomplete.

It’s a new year! I feel like this home renovation is just taking forever and sucking the money right out of us. LoL Quick update: According to the guy doing our bathrooms, he should be done by Thursday of next week… that would be January 9, 2014. I really hope he is because that’s when […]

I’m Sorry, There Really Isn’t Much Going On.


I know,  I KNOW! All zero of you are missing me wondering where I went but there really hasn’t been much progress because things have been on backorder and taken forever and a day to arrive. However, the painting is almost complete in our house and they will hopefully begin tiling the bathrooms on Monday. […]

Our Bathrooms Have This Gutted Feeling

The style vanity we're putting in all the bathrooms, just only a single sink and not two. No need for two sinks in each bathroom.

Check it out yo! We’ve pulled everything out of 3 of the 4 full bathrooms and are ready to move this forward! The following bathroom photos are of the smaller cabana bath (inside bedroom #1), our “main bath” between bedrooms 1 & 2, and our upstairs bathroom next to bedroom 3. We have not completely […]

Just Some Front Yard Progress. :-)

Pretty Yard

Hooray for a pretty front yard! Kind of. We’ve pressure washed the house and the paver walk-way to the front door as well as the sidewalk, check out the difference! It’s like we have brand new pavers and a newly poured sidewalk! Disclaimer: I know the grass in the front needs a lot of help. […]

Sorry Wasps, You Gotta Go!

The Wasp Family

I seriously hope that I am not blogging from the ER later. We have a family of wasps shackin up above the window above our entry front doors, we’ve left them alone for the time being because they’re really just hanging out and not causing any issues at the moment with coming and going. However, […]

How To Determine A Left Handed Door and a Right Handed Door


One of the fun and exciting things about home remodeling and renovations is that you can learn a lot. I learned that bathtubs can be left or right handed (but that’s another post) and that doors can be left or right handed as well. Today I am going to share a story and a tip […]

Progress, The Tile Is Coming Up!

Foyer - Facing double entry doors.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had some folks come by and start pulling up the tile! Progress! In a days work they got about half of the house done. Honestly more than I thought they would. Some progress pictures.     And I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but the previous owner had an […]